ILM level 5 certificate in coaching

What is it?

This qualification is designed to develop your ability to lead, motivate and inspire. The stimulating practical and theory-based work will enable develop your capability to support your journey to excellence in becoming a coach.

Who’s it for?

Designed for mid-level managers and organisational coaches, this course is ideal for managers with significant responsibility for coaching as part of a day-to-day role. It also supports those planning to move into a development role within an organisation or those starting a career as a freelance coach.

Course features:

  • A highly interactive course with 5 days of in-depth workshops, practical activities and peer support to help you understand and apply coaching models
  • Personal tutor support: advice and guidance; feedback on draft assignments and supervision of your coaching sessions from our expert tutors who have trained people in some of the world’s largest corporates
  • Real live coaching sessions with peer and tutor feedback
  • Video and audio capture of coaching sessions for greater self analysis
  • Guest speakers from the executive coaching community
  • All materials: programme folder; handbooks; videos; workbooks and access to a huge range of coaching resources

Why ILM level 5 certificate in coaching?

  • Get a critical understanding of the role and responsibilities of a coach
  • Deepen your understanding of the impact of coaching on an organisation or individual
  • Be able to assess your own skills, behaviours and knowledge as a coach
  • Plan your further development as a freelance coach
  • Plan, develop, deliver and review coaching in your organisation
  • Encourage managers to provide effective support for the development of others and improve their performance

On course completion:

  • An internationally recognised and respected ILM Level 5 Certificate
  • 13 credits
  • Supervision and mentoring calls to check in with progress, identify strengths and provide development feedback to overcome obstacles to best practice
  • Become a member of the Practical Coach Training Alumni
  • Join a network of professional coaches with access to a wide range of coaching resources and information.


  • Individuals, schools & voluntary sector: £1750 + VAT plus £129 ILM fees
  • Commercial organisations: £2250 + VAT plus £129 ILM fees

How to apply:

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