Masterclass – Building a successful coaching business

What is it?

A compelling one-day session delivered by an established coach covering all aspects of growing a successful coaching business. There is an option for this session to be supported by on-going online mentoring.

Who’s it for?

This course is designed for professional freelance coaches who want to create or grow a thriving coaching business and learn the essential steps to success.

What we focus on:

  • Building commercial relationships with people who can give you clients
  • How to get great referrals
  • How to maximise revenue with the right pricing
  • Developing a rich quota of commercial opportunities
  • Your positioning  – so you stand out from the crowd

Course content:

  • Learn how to build the revenue chain
  • Focus on what you are selling and how it differs from others
  • Identify who is your best source of referrals and how do you energise them to provide referrals?
  • How to create pre-sold clients
  • Business set up FAQS (types of coaching, rates and program design, connecting with reseller organisations)
  • Expert wisdom from four established, highly successful coaches

On course completion:

  • Become a member of the Practical Coach Training Alumni with access to commercial opportunities that we can create for you
  • Join a network of professional coaches with access to a wide range of coaching resources and information.

Why us?

  • We already run highly profitable businesses effectively selling ourselves and others as coaches to an international market – to corporates, SME, entrepreneurs and educational institutions.
  • We’ve amassed over 50 years of collective experience about what really works to sell coaching…and what doesn’t!


  • PCT Alumni: £336 + VAT
  • Non-Alumni: £436 + VAT

How to apply:

Upcoming Masterclass courses

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